planning some essential points

planning some essential points


Dear Students,

We hope to find you well, as well as your family and friends.

Due to the current scenario and the uncertainty of when we will be able to open our Surf School again, it’s with some dismay of our Staff and Crew, that the reopening won’t be a reality during May.

However, the safety and health of Teachers and Students remains our main concern and priority.

In view of this situation, we are developing and planning some essential points:

- Create an internal protocol for teachers with the rules of prevention and control;

- Customers information of the rules they must comply with;

- Access to individual protection for all teachers and students;

- Reduce the number of students per surf class;

- Obligation for students to equip themselves on the outside of the surf school;

- Cleaning the common areas of the surf school (several times a day) and providing cleaning materials for single use (disinfectant wipes, alcohol, bleach ...);

- Cleaning solutions for the staff and students, through antiseptic solution dispensers;

- Keeping the surf school doors open throughout the day;

- Washing and disinfection of the used equipment after each activity.


Daily update, whenever necessary, of the previous points, through the consultation of reliable information (ex: General Directorate of Health), as well as access to the recommendations of the Health and Safety Authorities, in order to streamline new prophylactic measures.


Keep Clean & Safe!