About our School

About our School

The Carcavelos Surf School was founded in 2001 and is the FIRST SURF SCHOOL OF CARCAVELOS BEACH. It was born with the intention of invigorating the beach of Carcavelos, promoting and teaching people of all ages to practice sea-related sports activities. Thousands of people have already learned from us to slide in waves on a surfboard.

The school belongs to the WINDSURF CAFÉ concession, a magical place with a healthy lifestyle concept through the quality of food and promotion of various sports activities.

Our Team

Pedro Elias - Surf Manager

Degree in Marketing Management at the Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing, Post Graduation in Surfing by the Faculty of Human Motricity, Level I Coach Course of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, Diploma of Rescue Swimmer and First Aid, athlete with more than 20 years of experience of which 8 on high competition and many trips around the world.

Some titles achieved over the years:

  • - Top 16 in the National Circuit
  • - Top 8 in the European Professional Circuit (3rd place in Hossegor - France)
  • - 2 Champion Titles in the Portuguese Cup
  • - National University Champion
  • - Champion titles in clubs: Carcavelos (APSSOC), Costa da Caparica (ASCC), Praia Grande (ASLS), Fonte da Telha (CFT), Sesimbra (SCS).

Pedro Soares - Coordenador

Degree in Applied Mathematics from the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, Post Graduation in Surfing by the Faculty of Human Motricity, Level II Coach Course of the Portuguese Surfing Federation, athlete with more than 25 years of experience and 15 as a professional high competition surfer and many trips made all over the world.

Some titles achieved over the years:

  • - European Champion in Clubs Cup
  • - Top 10 in the National Circuit
  • - 4 National Titles of the Portuguese Cup
  • - 2 National Titles in the Club Nationals
  • - 8 Títulos no Circuito de Carcavelos/Cascais
  • - Some titles and finals in different clubs and events: Circuito da Caparica, Sesimbra, Fonte da Telha, Guincho, S.Pedro, Praia Grande, Costa do Sol, Peniche, Areia Branca, Nazaré, Algarve, Porto, S.Torpes, Cape Verde Inter-Islands, National University Circuit.

João Aragão – Professor

Degree in Physical Education and Sports at the Piaget Institute, Level I Coach Course of the Portuguese Surfing Federation since 2008, Rescue Swimmer Diploma, Aquatic Activities Course, Continuous training relevant to teaching as a surf teacher.

João Aragão started surfing in 1999 on Costa da Caparica and has been a federated athlete since 2000. He participated in some competitions but his passion has always been free surfing. He has been a surf coach and coordinator at Carcavelos Surf School since 2006.

IVAN – Professor

João Pedro Evangelista, or Ivan as everyone treats him, he has a degree in Human Resources from Universidade Lusíada. He has the Level I Coach Course of the Portuguese Surfing Federation. Collaborating with Carcavelos Surf School for several years, is today one of the references for the passionate way it starts, from kids to adults, Portuguese and foreign, all who want to learn to surf.

He started practicing bodyboarding at 10, passed later to the longboard but it is the teaching of surfing that most fills him. His dedication and dedication in the transmission of knowledge has already earned him the nickname of "pedagogue", which aligns with an always important high requirement in the security component.

When not inside water, he walks on top, either in the kayak or SUP. Some others passions are longboard skateboarding, snowboarding and even dogs.

Martim Gonçalves – Professor

Graduated in Materials Engineering at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, he began surfing in 2001 on the Costa de Caparica with the help of his older brothers and since then surfing is part of his life. In addition to teaching at Carcavelos Surf School since 2011, Martim has participated in competitions since 2003. During his career as a high-level athlete he has had some sponsorships such as Tropical Energy / Xcult and Quiksilver.

Most significant results:

  • - Top 5 National sub 12 in 2003, 2004 and 2005
  • - Top 5 National sub 14 in 2005 and 2006
  • - Individual Champion of the Portuguese Cup in 2007
  • - Top 5 National under 18 in 2008
  • - Top 3 National sub 18 in in 2009
  • - Top 10 Pro Junior in 2009
  • - Winner of Electric Moskito tour 2009
  • - Winner of Volcom Rumble fish 2009
  • - Top 5 University in 2011 and 2015
  • - University Vice-Champion in 2014

Miguel Reis – Professor

Miguel has a lot of experience in teaching initiation and intermediate level classes. He holds a postgraduate degree in Surfing and Performance, from Lusófona University and a level I trainer from FPS. This teacher is more present in our school in Costa Caparica, where he has lived and surfed for more than 12 years.

He is passionate and practices wave sports since he was a kid and this interest and passion for the surf made him invest in training in this area.