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Surf emerged in the 60's but it was in the 80's that settled definitively in Portugal. With an increasing number of practitioners, it is the modality that more national and international adepts achieve, year after year.

Carcavelos Beach was the stage for Surfing to take its first steps, and it is on this fantastic beach that Carcavelos Surf School is installed since 2001.

The Surfing Classes at Carcavelos Surf School offer a professional and close follow-up, allowing the complete training of the student, from his first class to the advanced level.

We speak of an experience to learn to slide in the waves, where adventure and emotion - in safety - are the main ingredients of this sport. It is done in small classes with an accredited teacher available to teach you the techniques to balance on the board and catch the best waves.

Working: Every day, including weekends, holidays and school holidays.

Duration: Classes last approximately two hours.

Class Scheduling: Due to the daily tide change, students should call the night before to schedule and confirm class time. Thus, they can contact the teachers Pedro Soares and Pedro Elias, through the numbers 96 285 04 97 and 96 613 12 03, respectively.

Group Class Prices

NÂș of Classes Price
1 Class 25 euros
4 Classes 85 euros
8 Classes 140 euros
12 Classes 180 euros
Private Class 50 euros
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The price for the classes includes sports insurance and sports equipment (neoprene suit and softboard).

Surf Lessons Program - Initiation

Wear the neoprene suit to protect from the cold and greater comfort
Carry the surfboard to the sea
Warm up with traditional exercises and games (cardio-respiratory and joint)
Learning the take-off technique (lifting movement on the board)
Respect and learn the rules of safety
Rowing on a surfboard
Catch the foams and waves
Sliding standing on top of a wave
Stretch at the end of class

The Carcavelos Surf School aims to teach the art of surfing the waves in a safe, correct and relaxed way always under close and close supervision of teachers.

Other Important Information about the Surf Lessons

What to bring: bathing suit, towel and sunscreen
Location: Praia de Carcavelos and / or Caparica
Age: Adults and children from 6 years old
Validity: 6 months

Strengths of Carcavelos Surf School

17 years of Surfing experience
The School responsibles are Post Graduates in Surfing by the Faculty of Human Motricity
Facilities adapted to the needs of the students (clothing, hygiene, bathing area)
Beginners and advanced athletes boards (adapted to each student's level of learning)
Neoprene suits of the best brands, in different sizes
Sports Insurance
Classes for all ages

Surf Lessons - Photos