Functional Surf Training - Improve Your Performance

Functional Surf Training - Improve Your Performance

surf functional training

Starting on October 3rd, Carcavelos Surf School, the first surf school on the beach of Carcavelos, will organize Functional Surf Training. They will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm, next to the school, on the beach sand, where there will be several stations adapted to the practice of surfing.

Students will perform exercises on unstable platforms (skateboard, indoboard, fitball, bozu, rolls), take off technique in different situations, resistance training for paddling, among others.

Those responsible for the school, postgraduates in Surfing by the Faculty of Human Mobility, when implementing these training will have as final objective the improvement of the different physical components recruited in surfing practice, as well as the analysis of the technical movements.

These training sessions are aimed at all those who want to improve their physical capacity, and for surfers who want to improve their performance and performance in the sessions held in the natural context of surfing: the sea!

  •     Promote balanced development of strength
  •     Improve flexibility and coordination
  •     Increase physical stamina
  •     Improve body posture
  •     Auxiliary in the rehabilitation of injuries
  •     Prevent injury
  •     Ensure greater motivation for the diversity of exercises and materials available for practice
  •     Increase the stability of the middle zone by developing a healthier column
  •     Improve Static and Dynamic Balance
  • Sportsmen of all ages
  • Beginners of surfing practice
  • Surfers who need to improve their physical fitness
  • Athletes surfers who want to correct the technique and have a better performance

Tuesdays and Thursdays 19h30.


Carcavelos Surf School - Carcavelos Beach.