At Carcavelos Surf School you will find the perfect surf gear to enjoy Surfing with style in this wonderful and unique paradise, Carcavelos Beach! You will be able to take some tips and great advises from our friendly and experienced surfing crew and team.

Carcavelos Beach is a great place for surfing, from beginners to experienced levels, in here... you’ll find a beach break with rights and lefts from a long extension.

Equipment Prices

Equipment Price
Surfboard 15 euros
Bodyboard 10 euros
Wetsuit 10 euros
Surfboard + Wetsuit 20 euros
Bodyboard + Wetsuit 15 euros


Rental Surf Session of approx. 2-3 hours.
The Surfer is responsible for the assigned material, making sure that nothing is left behind, and taking good care in handling the equipment.
The student must have common sense and care in handling the equipment.
The Surf gear has to be delivered on the agreed time, and on the same condition in which it was rented.
The Surfer is responsible for the damages on the rental equipment (Board or Wetsuit), being required to pay and cover the repair.
The Surfer is responsible for personal accidents or, accidents with third parties.
The Surfer must leave an ID card or personal document at the school during the period of the rental service.
The Surfer must report any health problem before the rental (such as injuries, physical limitations or others).
The school reserves the right of non-admission, with full refund of payments, if it understands that the practice of the sport is a risk to the health and welfare of the student.

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