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Carcavelos Surf School provides all the country's youth with Free Time Activities (ATL) during school holidays. It will be a unique and unforgettable holiday where the contact with nature is a constant, in a pure and healthy environment, allowing them to acquire new experiences through the practice of nautical sports, arousing the attention and interest for the preservation of nature and for the combat the pollution.

Carcavelos Surf School, located on the beach of Carcavelos, has already a long tradition in the support and dynamism of sports activities in the region. The main objectives of the school are to encourage the practice of sports activities, with conditions of assistance and safety that allow a safe, correct and more relaxed training.

Facilities of our Surf School

Surfing/Bodyboarding School
Bar with a room for activities
First Aid Post
Concession area on the beach
Sun Guards "huts"
Football field
Volleyball court

ATL Calendar - School Holidays

Summer (June, July, August, September)

Program Schedule

09: 00h - Reception of students
10:00 a.m./12:00 p.m. - Sports Activities - Surfing or Bodyboarding
12: 30h - Lunch at Windsurfcafé (Optional)
14:00h/15:00h - Repouso
15:00h/16:30h - Sports Activities - Surfing or Bodyboarding
18:00 - End of the day

Terms and Conditions

Two surf lessons/day
Complete equipment provided by the school
Experienced and accredited teachers
Sports Insurance
Price: 250 Eur/Week
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Lunch at Windsurfcafé: + 50 eur

The school reserves the right to change the established programs, whenever for reasons of security or reasons unrelated to its will, it is obliged.

What does ATL Surf Lesson consist of?

Wear the neoprene suit to protect from the cold and greater comfort
Carry the surfboard to the sea
Heat up with exercises and play games
Learning the take-off technique (lifting movement on the board)
Respect and learn the rules of safety
Rowing on a surfboard
Pick up the foams and small waves
Sliding standing on top of a wave
Stretch at the end of class

Important Surfing ATL Information

What to bring: bathing suit, slippers, towel, sunscreen, drinks and snack
Location: Praia de Carcavelos
Age: children from 6 years old

Strengths of Carcavelos Surf School

21 years of experience in Surfing ATL's
The School responsibles are Post Graduates in Surfing by the Faculty of Human Motricity
Experienced Teachers and accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation
Suitable and safe boards for beginners and more advanced athletes
Neoprene suits of the best brands, in different sizes
Sports Insurance
School certified by the Portuguese Federation of Surfing, Tourism of Portugal, Portuguese Sport Institute and with license of the captaincy of the Port of Lisbon and Cascais

Health and Hygiene Policy

Regarding the dynamics of the group, in addition to the 4 essential pillars (mask, distance, etiquette and hygiene), the group will be divided, each teacher will have 5 students and these will be alternated in the activities.

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IBAN: PT50001000005131384000166 (SINAL 75€)


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I do not authorize the use of my image (or the minor under my responsibility) in photos or video to be used by Carcavelos Surf School.


Under the terms and for the effect of the provisions of the basic law of physical activity and sport, Law nº 5/2007 of 16 January, I declare that I have no (or the minor under my responsibility) any contraindications for the practice of the sporting activity I intend develop, ensuring that I have the necessary physical fitness.


In case of absences there will be no refund or compensation days.

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