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Surf & Yoga in Carcavelos Surf School

Benefits of YOGA

Due to the transversal benefits that Surf and Yoga provide to its practitioners, both physically and mentally, Carcavelos Surf School decided to invest in this perfect symbiosis and expand its service offer.

With a panoramic view of the ocean, doing Yoga becomes even better if we add to its benefits the positive effects of your practice on the beach, contributing to the improvement of your energy levels, while relaxing to the sound of the waves and, in connection with the nature.

It is an invitation to experience the magic of practicing Yoga on the beach and to join us in a 60-minute session of Hatha or Vinyasa Flow, where we will flow between breathing techniques, postures and relaxation. Classes open to all levels.

Reduces stress and relieves anxiety through more conscious breathing
Reduces the risk of injury/recovery time, providing pain relief
Improves flexibility/mobility and contributes to muscle strengthening
Increased body awareness, improving balance and coordination
Improves quality of sleep and better quality of life
Breathing fresh ocean air cleanses the lungs, increases energy, stimulates metabolism and is believed to increase levels of serotonin (the hormone responsible for feeling happy)
Vitamin D is essential for the body to regulate calcium and phosphate in the body and to feel healthy

Group Class Prices

Nº of Classes Price
Single Classes 12 euros
4 Aulas 40 euros
8 Aulas 75 euros
Aula Privada On request
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Note: The price of the classes includes: Yoga mat, blocks and sports insurance.

Additional Information

Comfortable sportswear and water bottle
Yoga Mat (if you have your own) and Towel or Blanket
Punctuality (+/- 15 minutes before practice starts)
Minimum number of 3 participants
Suitable for all levels of practitioners, even without experience
The school has facilities suitable for the needs of the practitioners (clothing area, space for storing personal effects and a bathing area)

About Mané

Passionate about the ocean and the practice of Surfing, a modality in which she is an Instructor, she is adept in all sports that are outdoor and involve water, which makes her feel at home. Curious and eager for new experiences, challenges and new knowledge, namely in the area of ​​movement and body exploration. Above all, he owes to Surf the discovery of Yoga at the age of 20, a practice and philosophy at the time little dynamic, but marked in his personal and professional path over the years that followed.

Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga are the styles and pillars of her practice and training, however in the Vinyasa Flow and Authentic Flow styles where she find space to give wings to her creativity and intuition. A unique and authentic experience, through the fusion of yoga, dance and free movement postures.

* Immersion and Teacher Training 200h w/ Manel Rodrigues at Global Manu, 2020/2021

* Authentic Flow Yoga Teacher Training 200h w/ Satu Tomelo, Fanny Olsson, Evy Ferraro & Leeladasi at Authentic Flow, Feb 2021

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