Surf Clinic

Surf Boot Camp

Young people from 13 years old (< 12 anos - ATL de surf)

The purpose of Surf Clinics is to provide students with one or more weeks of intensive surfing. The students travel in the school bus from the Amoreiras or from Carcavelos beach to our Surf School in Costa da Caparica (Praia do Infante) where the conditions are optimal for their evolution and improvement of their technique.

This service is intended for young people with experience or for beginners older than 12 years.

The school main objective is to encourage the practice of sports activities, to have the conditions of assistance and safety that allow a safe, correct and relaxed training.

Information about Surf Clinics

Price: 275 eur/week
Lunch option +50 eur
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included in Surf Clinics

Two surf lessons/day
Transporte para praia
Complete equipment provided by the school
Experienced and accredited teachers
Sports Insurance
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Surf Clinic Calendar - School Holidays

Summer (June, July, August, September)
They are held during the week (Monday to Friday)
Hours: Between 9am and 6pm
Departure: Amoreiras or school (Carcavelos)
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Facilities in Costa da Caparica

Surf School
Bar with room for activities
Concession area on the beach
Sun Guards "huts"
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Program Schedule

8:30 am: Departure from Carcavelos
9:00 am: Departure from Amoreiras
10h00 / 12h00: Surfing Class
12:30 am: Lunch in Casablanca (optional)
14h00 / 15h00: Rest
15h00 / 16h30: Surfing Class
17h: Return to Lisbon and Carcavelos
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The school reserves the right to change the established programs, whenever for reasons of security or reasons unrelated to its will, it is obliged.

In what consists a Surf Clinic Surfing Class?

Wear the neoprene suit to protect from the cold and greater comfort
Carry the surfboard to the sea
Warm up with cardio and joint exercises
Respect and learn the rules of safety
Rowing on a surfboard
Catch foams/small waves/medium waves
Learn the techniques (take-off, bottom-turn, trimming, top turn, floater, cutback)
Stretch at the end of class
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The School aims to teach the art of surfing the waves in a safe, correct and relaxed way always under the close and close supervision of the teachers.

Important Information about the Surf Clinic

What to bring: bathing suit, slippers, towel, sunscreen, drinks and snack
Location: Praia do Infante (Costa da Caparica)
Age: children from 12 years old
Level: Beginner and Advanced
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Strengths of Carcavelos Surf School

23 years of Surfing experience
The School responsibles are Post Graduates in Surfing by the Faculty of Human Motricity
Experienced Teachers and accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation
Appropriated facilities for the needs of the students (shadows, clothing, hygiene, bathing area)
Suitable and safe boards for beginners and more advanced athletes
Neoprene suits of the best brands, in different sizes
Sports Insurance
School certified by the Portuguese Federation of Surfing, Tourism of Portugal and Portuguese Institute of Sport
License from the captaincy of the Port of Lisbon and Cascais
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IBAN: PT50001000005131384000166 (SINAL 90€)


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I do not authorize the use of my image (or the minor under my responsibility) in photos or video to be used by Carcavelos Surf School.


Under the terms and for the purposes of the provisions of the law on physical activity and sport, Law nº 5/2007 of 16 January, I declare that I have no (or the minor under my responsibility) any contraindications for the practice of the sporting activity that I intend to develop, ensuring that I have the necessary physical fitness.


In case of absences there will be no refund or compensation days.

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